Saturday, December 2, 2017

[REL] Drone mod

Here is a little mod that replaces RCgoblin for a cool drone. Here the pics.

The mod incluides a cleo than makes the drone shoot, use overdose effects to see cools gun shoots effects. Also the drone has a little light green than adds realism. Here are some pics in game:

Download: Link (No pass)

Note: (Spanish) puedes ganar una pc gamer (hasta con escritorio) entrando en esta pagina: Link
y participando, es muy sencillo y no quita mucho tiempo.

Concurso para ganar una pc gamer!!!

Un pequeño anuncio, aprovecha esta oportunidad de ganar una computadora gamer e incluso un escritorio!!!

Tu PC anda lento? Ahora tienes la oportunidad de ganar las partes de una super computadora gamer, apta para jugar a 4K y 60FPS.

Lo único que debes hacer es entrar aquí:

Y seguir las instrucciones que son muy sencillas, la mayoria consiste simplemente compartir por medio de tus redes sociales.

Suerte si decides participar. ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

[SHW] I should be studying...

lol i should be reading a book and studying... anyway here I show some projects than I have been working on it

I worked in this drift map created by candykond, I just added some vertex colors by radiosity and the result is not so spectacular but is a difference and gives the map more life:

As you can see I also made the skybox experitments and the result is a beautiful sky :)

 I want to add vertex colors to other maps in the future, here other pics: