Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[REWARD] Mod wanted!!!

Hello today I ask for someone who downloaded the next mod: (RHIB Boat from Medal of Honor Warfighter)

The autor is Salva but the dowload link expired so the file is missed and on internet there is nothing, so you! yes you!. Maybe you downloaded this mod and maybe you still the file in your PC, if you help me to get this I want offer you the next finished proyects by me:

This stadium car converted from Trackmania with neon wheels...

This Lagoon car from trackmania +33 PAINTJOBS!!! with neon wheels!!

And this astronaut skin from COD:Ghosts with BONUS!

(this is not the skin made by diego4fun this one will have extra features)

Send me the boat at dan4master@hotmail.com and claim your reward!