Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[REWARD] Mod wanted!!!

Hello today I ask for someone who downloaded the next mod: (RHIB Boat from Medal of Honor Warfighter)

The autor is Salva but the dowload link expired so the file is missed and on internet there is nothing, so you! yes you!. Maybe you downloaded this mod and maybe you still the file in your PC, if you help me to get this I want offer you the next finished proyects by me:

This stadium car converted from Trackmania with neon wheels...

This Lagoon car from trackmania +33 PAINTJOBS!!! with neon wheels!!

And this astronaut skin from COD:Ghosts with BONUS!

(this is not the skin made by diego4fun this one will have extra features)

Send me the boat at dan4master@hotmail.com and claim your reward!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

[SHW] Stadium Car with Neon Wheels

I'v been working in this stadium car from trackmania but when I finished it I was like... "Hmm something is missing" and I decided add it a little touch of color, It was a surprise because I made experiments expecting the worst but at the end of the day finally worked! here is the result: 

(Click on pics to make them larger)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

[TuT] How to fix some texture problems.

First of all we need have our 3d model and his texture imported in 3ds Max, now we add the material to the model and we will see the problem (Click in images to zoom):

Now we go to modifier panel and add a Unwrap UVW modifier like this:

Click in edit -> CheckerPattern  and you should see the texture than you aplied:

Use the texture as guide to fix the coordinates with transform tools to fix the problem, in this example the shoe is at the wrong place:

We put the selection where must be:

When you finish you need apply the changes, so do right click in Unwrap UVW modifier then
Collapste to -> yes.

Now your 3D model is fixed! I hope you liked this quick tutorial.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[REL] BF4 Rhib boat

Hello!, 2 months without activitie :P, well here I bring to you this great boat! I'm working in some projects so be patient I'll show you pics later, with nothing to add here the pics:

I took the freedom to modify the original model and I changed the original screens and this is the result:

I hope you like it :)

Download: Link

Thursday, February 4, 2016

[REL] Patriot PAC-3

Hello! I finally finished this vehicle mod, it was easy but I don't have much time, replaces artic3 enjoy!

Download: Link

Monday, February 1, 2016

[REL] Casita (Little House) with Vertex colors

Hello! It has been a while I bring to you this little house, Is a test than I made playing with NVC (Night Vertex colors) So here is the result, enjoy it!

This is how looks at day:

At night looks like this:

And this is how looks without Vertex Colors:

Download: Link

And this is my next project is 80% complete:

Coming soon...

Monday, January 11, 2016

[REL] Sentry objects form Team Fortress 2

Finally the sentry objects are ready, check the tutorian than I made to know how install them, here the pics:


Download: Link

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[TUT] Adding new objects in GTA San Andreas step by step.

Hello, in this tutorial I'll try explain a method to add more objects, I know than I promised make a video but I had a lot of problems trying record the screen and with the video editor (and my computer is like a toast). This method is a little complicated but if you follow this steps correctly probably you can add unlimited maps, the tutorial will appear long but its just than I'll use images to explain better and make it easy to understand, lets start! (Note: Click in image to zoom it).

First of all we need know the files with we gonna work:
-DFF: Contains the 3d model, the structure, the shape.
-TXD: Contains the texture of the 3d models.
-COL: Interacts with player and other objects, making objects solid.
-IDE: Is like a register, contains an ID (Identification) number, unique for each 3d model.
-IPL: Contains the position on map, rotation and interior of each object.

Now you need download the next tools:
-Med map
-IMG Manager
-Col editor
-Notepad ++   (optional)
-FastMan92 Limit adjuster

After install all this tools open IMG Manager and create a new file, this will help to put all your stuff only in one IMG and don't make gta3.img heavier.

Then rename it as you want, in my case I'll name it "hollow_map.img" and save it, I'm gonna save it in desktop:

Now open it again with IMG Manager and import only .DFF and .TXD, don't import .COL files yet! For this example I'll use the sentry objects than I've made (Soon for release).

Now close IMG Manager and open Col editor, click in  file->new then click in edit->add and search for the .COL file. You will see than the program added automatically all .col files inside your custom .col file.

Now click in file->save and name it as you want in my case "custom_stuff.col", I saved it in my desktop. You can close Col editor now.

Open IMG Manager again and add your custom col in your IMG file.
Note: We created a new col file because when we add more than 4 .col files the game crashes and doesn't matter what limit adjuster you got, still crashing! (I've made experiments).

Now go to GTA San Andreas/data and open the gta.dat file with Notepad ++ and add a new line with this format: 
"IMG MODELS\(The name of your file).IMG" and save. Remember paste your IMG file in the GTA San Andreas/models folder.

Note: If you installed Notepad ++ you should see the option "Open with notepad" when you do right click on a file.

Now open Med map and you will see a window asking you create a new path, click in add, I'll name it "Test", click in browse and search for the Gta installation click in ok again ok, check the image:

Every time than we create a new path Med map always crash but don't worry, only open med map again and will load normally.

Now go to the label of IDE and click in New file...

Now name it as you want (In my case "Hollow"), I recommend create it in /data folder, you also can create a new folder, click in save and you will see at the end of the list your new file created.

Do the same process with IPL label: click in New file name it as you want, save it and you will see your new IPL file at the end of the list, click in save. Don't try add anything yet! Close Med map and if it ask if you want save your changes click in yes.

Now open Med map, click in IDE label and select your IDE file, go down and click in New item and you will see the "Item Definition" window, watch the ID number.

Click in browse and search the new IMG file and select one .DFF file and click in ok, then browse for the .TXD file, remember in "Model Name" goes .DFF file and "Texture name" goes the .TXD file.

Now you can see your model in screen, controls: mouse wheel to zoom, left click to rotate, right click to move camera. Click in col button to check if the model has collision properties.

As you can see our model is properly collided. If your model is not collided the window will appear empty.

Now its time to put our object into the map so go to Scene label and click in the zone than you want place your object then press render, in this example I'll place the sentry in Cj's Hood.

Watch than we have the camera at top of the stadium of LS, click in the green arrow to get a top down view.

Now we do double click in some object in Cj's Hood and you will see the object selected in red, press the crossed arrows button to get a closer view.

Now return at IPL label and click in New:

Search your custom IDE file and select the object that you want add. Click in ok.

You can play with the position clicking the arrows and when you finish place your object press ok.

You will see than your object disappears but don't worry just return at the Render label, select your IPL file
and render again.

And Voila! your object is ready! Now just need save it, click in IPL label select your file and press save.

For final steps we need install the fast man limit adjuster. Open the .RAR file chose 32 or 64 bites and extract only the next files into the GTA directory, the other files aren't necessary.

 Open "fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini" and change the original values for these:

ColModels = 19000
Buildings = 19000
IDE Objects Type 1 = 20000

Note: If you have problems maybe you need rebuild your IMG files, open IMG manager click on edit->Rebuild archive.

Now you are ready to add all maps than you want! Congratulations!!

Since now will be really simple install new maps. Let's see an example!

I'm gonna use a map made for Diego4Fun, you can download right here.

Now we extract the dojo files and only add .DFF and .TXD in your custom IMG archive.

Open your custom .COL file with col editor, click in edit->add and search DOJO.col, save and replace it in your custom IMG file.

Is not necessary open Med map because the author of mod includes the coords, so open the .IDE file inside DOJO folder and the yours too.

Do the same process for IPL file:

DONE! This is the final result!

Why use this method?
This method will allow you add a lot stuff not only new objects, you can create new enex (yellow entrances) and create binary ipl files or add new spawns of cars or weapons! Without disturb the structure of GTA SA too much. And all your stuff in only one file!
Of course I'll make more tutorials teaching how create all those things, and this method is our base for create them. So be patient and read carefully the tutorial for avoid crashes and bugs. Cya later!