Thursday, April 13, 2017

[SHW] I should be studying...

lol i should be reading a book and studying... anyway here I show some projects than I have been working on it

I worked in this drift map created by candykond, I just added some vertex colors by radiosity and the result is not so spectacular but is a difference and gives the map more life:

As you can see I also made the skybox experitments and the result is a beautiful sky :)

 I want to add vertex colors to other maps in the future, here other pics:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[REWARD] Mod wanted!!!

Hello today I ask for someone who downloaded the next mod: (RHIB Boat from Medal of Honor Warfighter)

The autor is Salva but the dowload link expired so the file is missed and on internet there is nothing, so you! yes you!. Maybe you downloaded this mod and maybe you still the file in your PC, if you help me to get this I want offer you the next finished proyects by me:

This stadium car converted from Trackmania with neon wheels...

This Lagoon car from trackmania +33 PAINTJOBS!!! with neon wheels!!

And this astronaut skin from COD:Ghosts with BONUS!

(this is not the skin made by diego4fun this one will have extra features)

Send me the boat at and claim your reward!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

[SHW] Stadium Car with Neon Wheels

I'v been working in this stadium car from trackmania but when I finished it I was like... "Hmm something is missing" and I decided add it a little touch of color, It was a surprise because I made experiments expecting the worst but at the end of the day finally worked! here is the result: 

(Click on pics to make them larger)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

[TuT] How to fix some texture problems.

First of all we need have our 3d model and his texture imported in 3ds Max, now we add the material to the model and we will see the problem (Click in images to zoom):

Now we go to modifier panel and add a Unwrap UVW modifier like this:

Click in edit -> CheckerPattern  and you should see the texture than you aplied:

Use the texture as guide to fix the coordinates with transform tools to fix the problem, in this example the shoe is at the wrong place:

We put the selection where must be:

When you finish you need apply the changes, so do right click in Unwrap UVW modifier then
Collapste to -> yes.

Now your 3D model is fixed! I hope you liked this quick tutorial.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[REL] BF4 Rhib boat

Hello!, 2 months without activitie :P, well here I bring to you this great boat! I'm working in some projects so be patient I'll show you pics later, with nothing to add here the pics:

I took the freedom to modify the original model and I changed the original screens and this is the result:

I hope you like it :)

Download: Link

Thursday, February 4, 2016

[REL] Patriot PAC-3

Hello! I finally finished this vehicle mod, it was easy but I don't have much time, replaces artic3 enjoy!

Download: Link

Monday, February 1, 2016

[REL] Casita (Little House) with Vertex colors

Hello! It has been a while I bring to you this little house, Is a test than I made playing with NVC (Night Vertex colors) So here is the result, enjoy it!

This is how looks at day:

At night looks like this:

And this is how looks without Vertex Colors:

Download: Link

And this is my next project is 80% complete:

Coming soon...